Sunday, November 10, 2013

Now We're Cooking With Gas (or will be.)

We have our appliances ordered.  We got in on some unbelievable sales & price match guarantee deals that let us come in under our appliance budget without having to sacrifice any of the features we wanted!  I'm so excited and can hardly believe that each of these beautiful appliances will actually be mine!  Now, we just need a house to put them in so I can have them delivered, installed, move in and start using them every day!

Here's what we chose (which, I'm more about the appliance matching how I use it than the brands matching each other... the steel colors and grains can be an issue when mixing brands (some have a more bronzy tint than others, for example.)  The way I've laid out the new kitchen, this is actually not a concern except with the stove & over-range microwave combo.   (The kitchen appliances are steel, regardless of color in the images I've found to hotlink for you, below.  The washer/dryer combo is white - laundry will be in a utility room that guests will never see inside of, so finish & fitting a color palette was of zero concern with those.)


Washer/Dryer combo
Over-range microwave

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