Thursday, November 14, 2013

More Walls!

I went up my stairs for the first time, last night, but it was after dark, so I was unable to get a picture.

The outer walls went up on the upper story, today.  I snapped a pic about an hour and a half before they packed it up, today.   All of the exterior walls were up & braced when they were packing up. The interior walls will go up tomorrow -- trusses Monday. Framer says he told my contractor to have the plumbers in on Wednesday to begin the rough-in.

Exteriror walls going up -- taken about 2pm, Nov. 14

Upstairs walls on (about 4:30p)

Upstairs walls on (about 4:30p -- will have windows, they're just not cut out, yet.)


  1. Does this mean you are back on track timing wise? I hope so!


  2. Not sure, yet. Now that the concrete is in, I think we can get more done.