Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Update 11-12-13

2nd floor joists and decking have  been going in -- impossible to get pics from the ground that show that progress.   Framer says he hopes to have the upstairs walls completed by the end of the day on Friday and then to set trusses on Mon (Tue at the latest.)   I should have some good pics coming up again, soon.

In other news, my mom took a bad fall over the weekend.  She initially refused to let Dad take her to the hospital. Last night, she finally let him.  Her hip is shattered, she has all kinds of other major health issues going on.  She needs surgery, they don't think she can survive a surgery. They transferred her to a hospital in a larger city and she is in cardiac I.C.U.   That's is literally all I know.  Dad has one of those phones you have to load with a tiny number of overpriced minutes -- so, he has to conserve his minutes and while I keep wishing the phone would ring with an update, I know that if the phone does ring, it will be because she didn't make it.   So, if I don't sound like I'm joyously bouncing off the new walls with enthusiasm, as I should be (and was until I got the call, last night,) it's because I'm so worried and upset about Mom.

More soon.  Let's just hope it's all good news.  I've lost so much this year... I cannot bear to lose Mom, too.

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