Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away.

Well, shortly after the concrete was laid, day before yesterday, it started misting and sprinkling. Yesterday, our contractor told us that if it didn't rain, we'd start stick framing today.

So, I knew to expect rain.  And I was right.  It started raining shortly after he said that, it has been raining ever since and it's expected to rain through the rest of today and tonight.  The new basement is filling with water.  The wood can't be delivered.  We can't back fill. I can't start cleaning the pea gravel, sand etc from what remains of my driveway.

Usually, today is my favorite Holiday.  Instead, I'm standing at the top of a spiral water slide, trying hard to resist the urge to let go of the rail and ride it all the way down to the pool of despair at the bottom.

Courtesy of the ultra cool BitStrips app on FaceBook.  (Check it out, it's fun.)

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