Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Walls, walls, beautiful walls!

We had a pause in construction for a few days.  This one was more than understandable. Our block mason's wife was in a terrible accident, from the sounds of her injuries, she's lucky to still be alive.   We're very relieved to hear that she is home from the hospital and recovering and also very pleasantly shocked to say that our block mason still has on schedule.  (I know, right?)  There's some rain coming up in the forecast, so that may yet knock us back a few days, but here are the pictures since work resumed a couple of days ago.  Enjoy!  (I know I am!!)

These are the pics from the first day they were back:

Rounding the corner toward the front of the house.

As seen from where the front of the house will be.

These are the pics from their second day back (yesterday:)

They made it to the front corner on the north side of the house

And they've started on the south side, behind where the garage will be. (Plus had more blocks delivered.)

As seen from where the north side of the house will be.

Onward and upward! (Literally.)


  1. I love the shot where you can see the suns rays shining down on the blocks - very poetic. :)

  2. Awesome Mel! Nice to see some progress. Soon you won't be calling it a hole any more!