Friday, October 18, 2013

Off Topic for a moment.

Editing to add -- found out last night that the nexus law in my state has been stricken by our state Supreme Court.  Stlll happy to have found this new one, but also thrilled that I might get some of my old ones back.   And MORE good news!!   Lots of work got done yesterday at the house.  The block laying is supposed to be finished, at long last, this weekend.  I am staying out of their way so they don't pause to talk to me!!  New post with lots of pics soon -- STAY TUNED!)

I hope to have some new pics and lots of news after the weekend.  In the meantime, the nexus law in my state continues to get me dropped from the affiliate programs that used to butter my bread (not mention buy the bread, the butter and the butter knife.)  Such was the case last week.  I lost another one (which means they're growing, so I'm happy for them, even if I'm sad for me) and I had to try to find a new advertiser to replace the one I lost.   I did find one, a really good one that fits a much larger, longer-term advertising hole left in the wake of the nexus law:  FYE, but I've had so much house/insurance/other stuff on my plate that I haven't had time to go through my site and plug them in, yet.  (I really do need to get on that, asap, though.)  I'm really excited to have found them and to have been accepted into their program.

They did send me a note today about a sale that I thought maybe some of you might be interested in checking out for a price compare, if you have a music shopping list to fill anyway.  (NOTE:  This **IS** an affiliate link because that's what they sent me.)

Weekend sale at 20% Off New & Used Movies & Music with purchase of $35 or more Plus Free Shipping Valid 10/17- 10/20 only code=LTREAT

Ok, hopefully, new news & photos soon.  The block layers STILL aren't finished, we're falling further and further behind schedule, but supposedly, they're bringing in a bigger crew this afternoon & working through the weekend to wrap it up and get us moving forward again.  While they tend to that, I'm staying out of their way so we don't tempt them to stop working to chat with us.   I'm quite tired of delays and we are already further behind schedule than we can afford.

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