Monday, January 27, 2014

Quick long-overdue update.

So, when I last posted to the blog, we were on the waiting list for gas installation and we had been told it "could be up to a two week wait." We still don't have gas. BUT, I have the best site coordinator on Planet Earth and he called then and pitched a fit for us and supposedly, we will have gas and thus heat by end of day, today! WOOT!!! Since my last post, we've wired the whole place, all the drywall is hung waiting for heat so we can finish it and half of the house is sided. It's been so miserably cold over there that I don't have many pictures and I'm eyeballs deep in wrapping up the content claim by the deadline, so I haven't gotten around to sorting and posting what I do have. I'll do a photo catch-up post when I get a chance... I promise!! :) Heat will definitely put us back on the path to home. Can't move forward without it at this point.

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