Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gas Update

Still no gas. Site coordinator went up the chain and the big boss was astonished that I first called for installation in November, but absolutely nothing had been done, yet. He assured us that the crews will be at my house every day until the installation is complete. Day before yesterday (Mon Jan 27,) they strung a bit of caution tape, dug a little dirt up where the meter will go and placed three traffic cones next to where the meter will be (which, btw, is nowhere near the road.) Yesterday (Tue Jan 28,) they came out to trench in the line but did not bring a trencher. My contractor was on scene to watch them work when hubby and I arrived. As I've stated before, this isn't my first rodeo, just my first in a long time. I started with my folks about 40 years ago and in the nearly 20 years that I've been on hiatus, my contractor has been busily building houses all over the state. Neither of us had ever seen what we saw yesterday. The crew poked several holes in my yard with a large piece of heavy equipment. This is not work that needed to be done for any reason, at all. They didn't bring the correct piece of equipment, the big boss said they were to be at my site working, so they found something completely useless and potentially destructive to do. Plus, we were told the crew was given until tonight (Wed Jan 29) to finish and since it's not a multi-day job, but a couple hour job, I suspect they are dragging it out on purpose. It should be noted that they have complained bitterly about the ground being frozen. It should also be noted that the ground was not frozen when I first called in November. It should also be noted that they do have the equipment to trench in frozen ground... this is something everyone knows without even realizing they know it. Proof? Ok, if there's a gas leak in one of their main supply lines (for example one carrying gas into an entire portion of a town,) they can and will trench down to it no matter how frozen the ground might be and they will not let it just hiss away down there or shut off service to an entire portion of a city for three months while they make up excuses for why they can't do the job. Meanwhile, as those crews bitched about the weather -- and it was cold, holy cow was it ever -- my siding crew was hard at work on the north side of the house and they were freezing, but they weren't complaining. Here's hoping the gas crew is out there, now, doing some actual work and that we have heat in the place tonight. We cannot progress on the interior until we can heat the house. So, we've been at a standstill they finished hanging our drywall.

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