Monday, December 2, 2013

Not A Soul.

Update: 6pm.  Spoke with our site coordinator and, as always, feel much better for it.  He's on the same page I am about getting this concrete poured before we lose our break in the weather.  Everybody keep your fingers crossed the weather holds just awhile longer. 

As of 9am, not a soul at the job site.  No framers - who aren't finished.  No roofers - who aren't finished.  No cement truck or even prep crew.  Checked my email - no answers to the questions last week and no response to the photos I sent showing something I'm concerned may be a serious issue that needs to be taken care of before anything can progress.

I can't mark for my outlets, switches and light fixtures because wall corrections that were to be made  before the holiday last week have not been made.

I can't have my new electric service trenched in or my gas service installed because back-fill is not complete.  And we need to be trenched in before the ground freezes.

We're not weathered in - and can't be weathered in - until the front porch is poured, which was supposed to happen weeks ago, but hasn't.

I'm stacked to the ceilings in the rental and my van is packed full with electrical supplies I can't off-load until I can lock the house -- which I can't do until we're fully weathered.  AND I'm not done buying what we need for that, but cannot finish buying what we need until I have the space in my van back to go purchase more.

The weather has certainly been an issue with getting the concrete poured. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be unseasonably warm and dry.  And then it's supposed to get wet again and the temps are supposed to take a nosedive and it's likely we will not get good concrete-weather again until spring.    Our deadline, not just to be back in the house, but to replace content I have nowhere to put until after I'm back in my house as well as our deadline for alternate living expenses (iow, the rent that is more than double what our mortgage was and that we cannot afford)  is Feb 22.  At the moment, it's not looking good to make the deadline.

Panic is setting in.  Again.

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